Keeping your home neat and tidy is likely one of your goals, but there is a good chance that you may not be doing everything necessary. Even if your daily or weekly cleaning regimen is very strict, some surfaces and materials require professional care and cleaning, as well. So, to save yourself some trouble, you should hire these professional cleaners, when necessary. Carpet, for instance, should be professionally cleaned, every year, though many people wait far longer than that, in between professional carpet cleanings. In addition to how often you get your carpet cleaned, you also need to consider the carpet cleaning company’s methods of cleaning, since they are not all the same. All-Brite, which you can find at, is the company that popularized the carbonated extraction cleaning technique, which is by far the best carpet cleaning method.

Carbonated extraction is an extremely unique cleaning system, and that may be part of the reason it is so effective. While many other cleaning systems rely upon either suction alone or washing the material, in water and soap, carbonated extraction is designed to extract dirt, grime, and other contaminants, through the use of tiny bubbles that rise to the surface of your carpet. Because it works in this way, instead of through the use of more typical cleaning techniques, it is better at removing the dirt that is deep-rooted, which steam cleaning, the most common alternative to carbonated extraction, is not. To give you an idea of how much worse steam cleaning is, it relies on washing the carpet in hot water and soapy chemicals, which it often does not even rinse out very thoroughly, leaving behind residue, which can end up growing mold, deep within your carpet. On the other hand, carpet cleaners that use carbonated extraction, use less water, and there is no residue left behind. This is one way in which carbonated extraction is more sanitary. Another is due to the fact that steam cleaning leaves your carpet wet for a long time, whereas carbonated extraction only leaves your carpet too wet to walk on, for a few hours. This saves you from having to find a place to stay, the night of your carpet cleaning, but it also means that there is much less of an opportunity for mold and bacteria to set in since they flourish in water.

Carbonated extraction is not necessarily limited to carpet, and it can be used on both rugs and upholstery. Rugs and upholstery, perhaps even more than your carpet, can be quite delicate, and they can be damaged very easily, through ordinary cleaning methods. If you do need to clean either the upholstery of a certain furniture item, in your home, or you need to clean a valued rug, you should hire professionals, rather than trying to deal with it, yourself. While rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, for general purposes, can be done with carbonated extraction, stain removal sometimes requires additional techniques, which are also provided by All-Brite High Power Clean.